ennVee Custom Development Services

It is virtually impossible to introduce any software product to the contemporary market without its customization and integration into other systems. ennVee extends your existing products by seamlessly integrating them into your existing back office systems. We also provide custom development services for new applications that are cost-conscious, and tailored to your unique requirements.

Supported Technologies

Business Benefits

  • Improve business productivity by extending critical information from CRM and other key line-of-business applications to both information and mobile workers
  • Fully leverage Oracle, Microsoft, and other leading development technologies to enterprise-quality solutions
  • Bridge the gap of disparate, unconnected systems making it easier to create a holistic view of business information
  • Provide powerful, rich user experiences that provide increased functionality and optimized performance, while being developed in significantly less time than before.

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ennVee is a global professional services firm that provides Oracle application management, business, and technology consulting services. Through automation, we help our clients accelerate project completion, reduce disruption, get it right the first time, and lower the cost to deliver tomorrow’s solutions today.

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