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Data Masking & Auditing

Safeguard your production and non-production Oracle E-Business Suite data

How do you modernize your organization's data masking abilities?

Internal personnel are bound to sign data security agreements, but it’s very hard to track the person when the data breach happens. Masking sensitive data can be equally as challenging.


With most of the companies using enterprise software like Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite), the way data is being used for development work is posing a new threat. Most of the companies mask data like credit card information, SSN etc., but there still exists data that companies will not consider to be sensitive. With the increased number of modules being used (AR, AP, GL, SCM, MSCA, CSI , XLA, CSC, etc.), it is incredibly tasking to keep track of what is sensitive and who is accessing it. The available data masking and auditing tools just won't cut it.

Masking and auditing sensitive Oracle data in production and non-production environments

Our Data Masking & Auditing Tool for Oracle E-Business Suite is simple to build and use, while focusing on the sensitivity of data from Oracle EBS systems. Why does it work? We have partnered with various companies to generate a table list that covers all data and use cases.

Data Masking Process

  • Installed on Prod
  • Will not execute on Prod, even if run accidentally
  • Highly dynamic, no change required when new modules are implemented
  • No management overhead
  • Rapid implementation: 1 hour for implementation, 1 SOX individual to dictate what can and cannot be done

Data Masking Coverage Areas

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - (PCI-DSS 2.0)
  • State Privacy Regulations - (employees, customers, vendors, etc.)
  • HIPAA Privacy Standard/Rule

Auditing in Oracle E-Business Suite

Application Specific Data

You have defined the access roles for each user, ennVee's auditing tool enables you to track user activity.

We have a report of all activity

Your receive an alert if there is a compliance violation or data breach.

Rapid Installation

Our tool can be implemented in one hour  and only requires one SOX individual to differentiate what can and cannot be done

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