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Hybrid and Onshore DBA Support Services

Turnkey infrastructure support that empowers organizations to reach key performance and profit objectives

It isn't often that a solution can claim to improve your service and cut your costs at the same time. But that is exactly what managed database administration services provides. We don't do staff augmentation or DBA outsourcing. ennVee consists of a dedicated team of database administration experts that assume the day-to-day operations of your database environments. This solution has proven effective in immediately reducing budgets for support while providing more efficient databases.

DBA Support Offering

  • Database Administration

    Establishing administration or auditing existing administration procedures can be a difficult process for those new or recently introduced to Oracle products. We help companies navigate the Oracle database with confidence.

  • Performance Tuning

    ennVee has years of Oracle-specific tuning experience, and we can often reduce response times to a fraction of their pre-tuned states. We can tune a whole system or focus on a slow-running aspect. Whether you're plagued with excessive CPU usage, latch contention, an I/O bottleneck, or an Oracle bug, we have the know-how to solve it.

  • Capacity Planning & Demand Forecasting

    From basic sizing and capacity preparation to advanced in-depth planning for systems, we can provide on-site or remote assistance for capacity planning. Our product knowledge for modeling and planning can be a strong asset to your business in this area.

  • Health Checks

    ennVee's health assessment offering is engineered to help you demystify and maximize your mission-critical systems. We offer a breadth of assessments from system-wide, to one-day consultations for existing database set-ups, and a detailed report and management summary of recommendations.

  • High Availability | RAC

    We can help you design, plan, and install a highly available Oracle system. Using Oracle RAC, we create a centralized, consolidated data environment that enables you to utilize your Oracle investment more effectively. The increased streamlining and availability through RAC represents powerful potential ROI by reducing your total cost of ownership through lower maintenance fees and further cost savings in hardware.

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ennVee TechnoGroup Inc
Oracle Database 12c
ennVee TechnoGroup Inc
Oracle Database 12c