In 2013, Oracle released the latest EBS version 12.2 to help organizations manage the complexities of global business environments. R12.2 introduced numerous enhancements, namely Online Patching (ADOP), which enables 24x7 organizations to update and apply patches without bringing down the system. Whether your business objectives for an R12.2 upgrade are compliance, enterprise standard, to stay current, or reduce costs and increase performance, etc., the upgrade path and process comes with a substantial cost.

Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 now utilizes Oracle Fusion Middleware as its underlying architecture. To enable online patching and comply to new R12.2 architectural standards (Oracle Fusion Middleware), all non-standard objects and custom code must be remediated. While there are many Upgrade Assessment and Impact Analysis tools that automatically identify what needs to be changed, upgrade teams still have to make those changes manually, test, and then migrate to R12.2.  This puts organizations at high risk for error due to manual effort, cost overruns, and project delays.

Key Features

ennAble is our proprietary tool that automates the Assessment, Remediation, Migration, and Testing phases during an Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 upgrade. From start to finish, ennABLE helps companies build a better project plan by providing a comprehensive assessment of all custom objects, and then execute a faster, more cost-effective upgrade by automatically making all required code changes and migrating the repaired objects to R12.2.

  • Automated Assessment, Remediation, Migration, and Testing of all custom objects to EBS R12.2.x
  • Organize and track all customizations
  • Easily identify missing or suspect objects
  • Assign or retire objects
  • Integrity Check
  • To-be objects validation process

Automatically Remediate & Migrate all Customizations

Top R12.2 Upgrade Challenges, Levels of Customization, Timelines, & Objectives

500+ IT leaders industry-wide rank the top challenges, business objectives, levels of customization, timelines, etc. when it comes to upgrading to Oracle EBS R12.2

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Test Automation Toolkit

Our test automation toolkit helps customers significantly reduce the amount of time and manual effort needed to test during each upgrade cycle.

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  • One-time parameter capture
  • Built-in Compliance Check
  • Automatically identify all custom objects or only a specific Schema/Custom Top
  • Test Automation for Technical Objects
  • Inbound/Outbound Connectivity Testing
  • Validates new customizations introduced in R12.2 for compliance

Get to Know your Upgrade

Our R12.2 assessment identifies all of your customizations that require remediation, and generates a project plan, time line, and cost estimate to upgrade to R12.2.

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Business Benefits

  • Reduce manual effort by 80%
  • Reduce cutover by 4-5 hours and minimize outages
  • Reduce prep work by 30%
  • Reduce downtime by 70%
  • Reduce development time and cost by 55%
  • Reduce testing time and effort
  • Shrink upgrade consulting dollars through automation
  • Reduce re-work during SIT
  • Reduce overall upgrade time line by 30%

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