Oracle EBS 11i to R12 Upgrade Assessment Tool

Upgrading from Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) 11i to R12.2.x is no easy task, and requires a substantial amount of time, manual effort, and resources. A major challenge is determining how best to circumvent the abundance of code changes required to ensure all custom objects are in compliance with R12.2.x standard. While there are numerous new features and functionalities available in R12.2.x, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that justifies replacing all of your existing customizations. Keeping this in mind, ennVee developed the ennAssist accelerator to enable customers to extend the longevity of their Oracle EBS investments, and make the 11i to R12.2.x upgrade process as painless as possible.

Key Features

ennAssist accelerates Oracle E-Business Suite 11i to R12.2.x upgrades, re-implementations and patch deployments, and reduces up to 40% of total upgrade cost, time, and risk. ennAssist's built-in simulation engine automatically forecasts what will break, how to fix your custom code, makes all required code changes, and migrates all remediated custom objects to your target R12.2.x instance.

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