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Demystifying R12 Upgrades

Automating the jump from 11i to R12

As the only Software-as-a-Service solution for accelerating Oracle E-Business Suite upgrades, re-implementations and patch deployments, ennAssist can reduce up to 40% of your Oracle E-Business Suite R12 upgrade cost, time and risk. ennAssist’s simulation engine will forecast what will break and how to fix your custom code.

Our Guarantees

  • No Hardware
  • No Software
  • Non-Invasive

Why upgrade with ennVee?


ennAssist takes out the guesswork and eliminates 40% of the effort and risk associated with Oracle EBS R12 upgrades, meaning that your project is completed faster and with significantly less risk.

Comprehensive Functionalities

ennAssist maps all your system customizations and provides usage statistics for all custom and standard objects. This upgrade shows you exactly what will break and how to fix it, tells you what needs to be tested based on order of priority, and finally leverages our crowd sourced best practices.


We automate every aspect of the process, leading to less headaches, and a faster and cost-effective upgrade.

Conquer Business Challenges with Automation

Figuring out what custom code to carry over when approaching an EBS R12 upgrade, what code will break and how to fix it is a labor-intensive and costly effort, with not much business value behind it. ennAssist automates this procedure.

Competitive Advantage

ennAssist’s cloud-based supercomputer is the backbone of ennAssist’s software-as-a-service solution. Our run-time simulation engines run the custom code on Oracle EBS R12 and allow us to show you what will break, how to fix it, and what to test.

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