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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a cornerstone feature found in almost every company and organization from start up to Fortune 500. ERP systems enable customers to manage and integrate critical parts of the business, from inventory and purchasing, to finance, human resources, sales, and marketing.

Whether you are implementing an ERP system for the first time, adding new modules to your existing ERP, or re-implementing, any ERP implementation project is a daunting task that can quickly overrun time, cost, and resource requirements. The line between success and failure can range from significantly improving the company workflow and lowering costs, to an extreme loss of productivity and over-budget spending. The key to a successful implementation is planning to ensure that the ERP system addresses business objectives and integrates seamlessly with your existing technologies.

Since the early 1990's, ennVee's founding partners have helped customers successfully implement ERP systems of all types and sizes. Since then, we have developed methodologies, best practices, and accelerated tool sets that enable our customers to implement faster, more cost-effectively, mitigate risk, and get it right the first time. We offer a host of full-scale ERP implementation services from ERP selection, to project planning, project management, end-to-end implementation, and post go-live support.

Oracle ERP Implementation Services

Our Oracle E-Business Suite implementation services are tailored to each customer's goals and objectives. We believe that information systems are strategic to each customer's longevity because they support all business functions and increase productivity, and not the other way around. Consequently, the driver for an ERP implementation should be to increase a company's competitive advantage. We recognize the relationships among people, processes, and technology. The relationship of these three elements plays a crucial role in the overall success of an Oracle implementation project. All three components are incorporated into our methodology, providing a completely integrated solution.

Oracle E-Business Suite

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