Best-in-class Cloud integration services to help you streamline and automate your enterprise systems

The modern organization utilizes a diverse blend of applications not limited to a single software vendor. This presents a challenge, as companies need to ensure that their disparate systems are integrated properly. Failure to integrate can wreck havoc across all departments, often resulting in unorganized and duplicate data. ennVee has helped numerous companies integrate Cloud and legacy applications to create a single source of truth and get it right the first time.

Oracle SOA & MuleSoft

ennVee has traditionally utilized Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to integrate Cloud and legacy applications. Our team of API Developers and Integration Architects can also build integrations using the MuleSoft AnyPoint platform and related technologies.

Integration Customer Success Stories

ennVee is a global professional services firm that provides Oracle application management, business, and technology consulting services. Through automation, we help our clients accelerate project completion, reduce disruption, get it right the first time, and lower the cost to deliver tomorrow’s solutions today.