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We can assist your company in designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining enterprise solutions at ¼ of the traditional cost. That represents up to 75% reduction in operational costs.

We maintain clients’ business systems in highly secure, power redundant data centers, which are constantly monitored and upgraded to provide the best possible platform for your applications. ennVee Oracle Managed Services are as flexible as you need them to be for your business needs.

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Oracle Application Development

  • Build Rich User Interfaces and powerful Web Service Layers from the same business component layer to centralize business logic
  • Plug information from any data source (databases, web services, Oracle Applications, BPEL, etc.) in a unified fashion to be displayed in a rich user interface
  • ADF can be embedded into WebCenter portals or used to extend functionality within Oracle Applications through OAF
  • Integration Adapters exposed as Business Components or Web Services are useful for exposing application functionality to middleware for integration with other systems and processes
  • Oracle Forms to ADF Conversions

Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Expertise

It can be tasking to find developers that can manage all of the Oracle ADF Tiers, and assemble a complex application using industry best practices. ennVee's ADF developers have used ADF extensively to build task lists, collaboration portals, and expose web service layers for applications that need to enforce business rules, security, and audit requirements. ennVee can help you decide if ADF is right to solve any business challenge, and provide skilled professionals to design and implement complex ADF applications tailored to your specifications.

Application Development Services

  • Developing a comprehensive hybrid and/or on-shore migration strategy
  • Organization Structure
  • Modifying existing processes to support new arrangements
  • Effective Knowledge Transfers
  • Environment Replication or Transfer
  • Communication Channels and Process
  • Transition Task Management

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ennVee is a global professional services firm that provides Oracle application management, business, and technology consulting services. Through automation, we help our clients accelerate project completion, reduce disruption, get it right the first time, and lower the cost to deliver tomorrow’s solutions today.

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