Safeguarding your Oracle EBS Data

Today, the way in which data is being used for development work presents a new threat to the majority of organizations using a back-office Enterprise Resource Planning system like Oracle E-Business Suite. Though most data is already masked, such as credit card information, Social Security Numbers, etc., there still exists a volume of data that companies will not categorize as "sensitive". This becomes a challenge as more ERP modules are implemented and utilized (AR, AP, GL, SCM, MSCA, CSI , XLA, CSC, etc.), and keeping track of what is sensitive and who is accessing the data can be incredibly tasking.

Data Masking for Oracle EBS

ennVee's security tool set safeguards your sensitive Oracle E-Business Suite ERP data from being compromised by internal and external threats. Our Data Masking & Auditing tool set is simple to build, easy to use, and focused on the sensitivity of the data within your Oracle E-Business Suite systems. Use it to generate a table list that covers all data and use cases.

Data Masking and Auditing in Production and Non-Production Environments

  • Installed on Prod
  • Will not execute on Prod, even if run by accident
  • Dynamic: no changes required when new modules are implemented
  • Zero management overhead

Coverage Areas

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - (PCI-DSS 2.0)
  • State Privacy Regulations - (employees, customers, vendors, etc.)
  • HIPAA Privacy Standard/Rule

Oracle E-Business Suite Auditing Tool

Key Features

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