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ennVee - Microsoft Offering

Microsoft Power BI

Intuitive information analysis solution

Better Business Analytics

Using open source technologies and by leveraging existing pre-invested business platforms, we provide a unique information analytics tool to Managers and Executives for retrieving, analyzing and reporting accurate business information.


As a Business Executive, you are always anxious to know how your business is performing – is your sales forecast met? Is the inventory effectively utilized? Are products shipped on time? Are we buying at lower costs? Are our customers placing repeat orders? The answer to these questions is to access the right information at the right time, in the right form. Our Intelligent Reporting solution helps you mine the voluminous data churned by your various transactional systems – ERP, legacy systems, spreadsheets and others.

ennVee Power BI Solution

Our solution provides a cost-effective approach to extract the right data from transactional systems, transform into meaningful information, and publish in easily readable reports and dashboards. Using the MS Power BI and SharePoint, the information is presented in an intuitive and visual form, allowing for data drill-downs into the transactional systems such as MS-Excel, Oracle E- business Suite or any other Relational data store.

Migrating from Oracle Discoverer

As Oracle Discoverer reaches the end of support, it's time to shift to a newer and more intuitive BI reporting solution. We've developed just the right migration utility that migrates 100% of your Discoverer data into Power BI. Zero rebuilding required.

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