Historically trend and view all KPIs from a single screen

Managing your enterprise systems becomes challenging when you have a significant number of systems and KPIs to track, when you undergo a merger, acquisition, or consolidation, when you implement a new system, and when  you open a new business unit or location. Ensuring optimal performance and user experience becomes increasingly difficult when you must sort through large amounts of data to identify the root cause of an error or issue. TrendZ demystifies performance monitoring by historically trending all of your business-critical KPIs and displaying them together through a single pane of glass, so you can seamlessly identify and resolve issues before your end users do.

  • Track and monitor every and any system KPIs from a single location
  • Centralized dashboard of Oracle and network stats and historical trends
  • High ease of use for IT operations, support teams, and end users
  • Covers 70% of the work done each day for any issue that is troubleshooted
  • All-in-one licensing and flexible hosting

Comprehensive Coverage

Everything you need in one screen

Anyone can grab a slice. DBA and IT development analytics are simplified through an easy to use presentational layer, and represented on a dashboard geared towards every role from DBAs and Administrators, to executives and other functional areas to track and generate objective measurements for key metrics.

Business Benefits

  • Increase IT support efficiency and improve system performance by automating 70% of routine maintenance and issue troubleshooting tasks.
  • Reduce down-time and unplanned outages
  • Lower OPEX and TCO
  • Improve ITSM quality
  • Enhance compliance (COBIT and GRC)
  • Lower risk of error and cost overruns after Oracle EBS upgrades or mergers and acquisitions
  • Greater Service Level alignment
  • Increased business agility
  • Reduce the cost of IT maintenance and support (internal and outsourced/third party)
  • Gain greater visibility into the health of your Oracle and enterprise systems
  • Make smarter decisions with objective measurements for every KPI

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