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Our mission: help organizations manage complex infrastructure environments, while ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime.

ennVee’s system administration managed services help organizations reduce the cost and complexity of managing their Linux, Unix, and infrastructure environments. We offer a range of support, from “keeping the lights on” to proactive support and maintenance. Whether you’re seeking primary support for the entire organization, or an add-on that complements your existing team and support, our managed services models can be adapted to fit your needs.

ennVee Infrastructure Support Expertise

What We Support

Proactive Infrastructure Performance Monitoring Tool

TrendZ helps organizations reduce the cost, complexity, and manual effort of managing infrastructure, server, Linux, and Unix environments. TrendZ consolidates this data into one location to simplify the issue troubleshooting process and help system administrators find the root cause of an issue immediately.

  • Monitor server health from one dashboard
  • Automated log parser for OS logs
  • Detailed OS and server stats including storage, load average, memory and CPU utilization
  • Automatically identifies and sends notifications of changes to server, instance, database, and application degradations
Linux Unix Server Performance Monitoring Tool

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Linux Unix Server Performance Monitoring Tool
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