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Oracle SOA

Your Oracle SOA Consulting Experts​

  • ennVee has helped companies integrate and execute projects with Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Oracle Business Process Monitoring Suite since its earliest release. Our team’s involvement in numerous SOA implementations means we bring first-class best practice to the design, development and implementation of Oracle SOA Suite.
  • Our architects and consultants have a wealth of experience in Service-Oriented Architecture and participate in several forums that help shape the adoption of these technologies within the SOA world. Utilizing both hands-on experience and industry best practices, ennVee provides exceptional guidance in assessing any SOA solution, whether it is already implemented or still in the planning phases.

Oracle SOA Consulting Services​

  • Application Integration
  • Process Orchestration – Service Bus
  • SOA Governance
  • SOA Assessment
  • B2B Integration
  • Web Services Management
Our SOA integration expertise includes:
  • Oracle SOA Integration Services
  • Oracle AIA Integrations
  • Oracle B2B Integrations
  • Oracle SOA Governance
  • Oracle ODI Integrations
  • Oracle BPM Services
Our approach is backed by decades of systems integration experience and is tailored to fit each client’s unique needs. We provide a range of application integration benefits:
  • Ensuring system and data integrity are maintained as highest priority
  • Ensuring that integration processes do not create application performance bottlenecks
  • Minimizing the need for add-on product licenses
  • Integration configurability and maintainability to accommodate business process changes
  • Minimizing integration support and maintenance effort
  • Universal Content Management
  • Documentation Management
  • Web Content Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Universal Records Management
  • Information Rights Management
  • Imagine & Process Management
  • WebCenter
  • WebLogic Portal
  • Oracle Portal
  • WCI (ALUI)
  • Web Development
  • Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)
  • Oracle Application Framework (OAF)


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  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • BPEL Process Management
  • Business Rules
  • Human Work Flow
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Oracle Application Server
  • WebLogic
  • Fusion Middleware
  • High Availability
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Exadata


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SOA Technologies we Support​

  • Oracle JDeveloper
  • Oracle Business Rules
  • Oracle BPEL Process Manager
  • B2B
  • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Oracle Service Bus (OSB)
  • Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM)
  • Human Workflow
  • Oracle Event Processing (OEP)
  • Adapters
  • Oracle Complex Event Processing

Oracle SOA Performance Monitoring​

Proactive Performance Monitoring Tool for Oracle SOA and Composite Applications


  • Database stats and KPIs i.e. DB Process Count, Total Sessions, Wait Events, and more.
  • JVM stats for SOA, OSB, ESS server memory, etc.
  • Stats and trends for Oracle SOA, Composite applications, and Oracle E-Business Suite


Oracle SOA & Identity Management services


Oracle SOA performance monitoring tool

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