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Service Cloud

Service Cloud

  • Service Cloud Console may be a Salesforce application that’s designed for users during a fast-paced environment that require to seek out , update, and make records quickly. SCC introduces a tabbed environment during which users are ready to check out different groupings of records in one screen via a Secondary and first tab. It also has agents that are available within the footer (if licensed) also because it are often programmed to offer messages to those agents like system being down etc. Another notable feature is that it’s keyboard shortcuts in order that power users are ready to save time switching between tabs and saving information. the foremost notable feature of SCC is that it’s very easy to connect custom Visualforce pages within the console and therefore the ability to create custom integrations directly into the console making it very extendible. Another cool feature is that the ability to possess an interaction log which allows you to quickly create tasks whilst you’re on the phone with customers.

Benefits of Service Cloud

  • Customer service can improve by 47% with a CRM.
  • Support of automated services and AI.
  • Communication integration for personalised service.
  • Integration of existing tools and apps.
  • Self service community for customers and agents.
  • Field Service connectivity.
  • In-depth customer insight with Service Analytics.

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