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Project Management

  • Our Project Management Team, which includes Certified Project Management Institute Professionals, uses an approach designed for proactive management of the project and the impacts of change to your organization. Key objectives include:
  • • Understand the business goals, objectives, and measures of success
    • Provide a structured approach to defining project activities and managing/reporting on project progress
    • Manage project scope
    • Scope is agreed upon, understood by the project team and presented during project kickoff.
    • Project managers and the QA review scope continuously.
    • Consultants are trained to bring out of scope items to project management.
    • Design Decision Documents (DDDs) are created and reviewed with the project sponsor and steering committee for scope deviations.
    • Provide tools and methods for managing organizational change
  • Our methodology includes the following activities and deliverables:
Key Deliverables
Project Planning
Action Items
Communication Planning
Issues Database & Log
Steering Committee meetings
Team meetings
Project Plan
Project tracking
Status Reports
Status reporting
Briefings at key checkpoints
Establishes consistent team mindset
Provides single point of contact
Ensures consistent management approach for all project phases
Defines tasks clearly with consistent deliverables
Tracks and controls financials, resources and schedule
Focuses team members on the critical path
Monitors scope and provides appropriate change control
Reduce risk by focusing on early detection and awareness of potential issues and risk

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